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Ultimate Guide to Experience San Francisco with a Self-Guided Food Tour

By Mashav Shelef


The best way to experience San Francisco is with a self-guided food tour. There is no wrong way to explore San Francisco, but the perfect way is to experience San Francisco with a self-guided food tour! You can try everything from amazing Mission-style burritos and Indian street food to delicious Korean snacks and a famous Burmese Salad. I guarantee you will find something new, delicious, and memorable on our Self-Guided SF Food Tours!

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Experiences are the best souvenirs

One of the best souvenirs to take home from San Francisco is an experience. You can buy a t-shirt or a coffee mug, but that’s not the same as experiencing the city yourself. Experiences are unique and special in their own way and you’ll want to share them with your friends and family.

Aroma Tea shop San Francisco
Aroma Tea Shop, tea ceremony, Inner Richmond food tour, San Francisco

Eat your way through the best of San Francisco’s neighborhoods

San Francisco is known for its fantastic food. From Chinatown to North Beach, and all the way to the Ferry Building, you’ll find a wonderful array of restaurants and eateries that cater to every taste and budget. If you have a day to explore, why not go on a self-guided food tour in San Francisco:

You will get an insider’s view of this incredible city on one of our walking tours, where you’ll be able to sample some of the best restaurants San Francisco has to offer while enjoying the culture, the neighborhoods, and all the things this unique city has to offer

The Hidden Gems

You may have heard that the best food in San Francisco is not always the most expensive, or even the most popular. This is true! The best food in San Francisco is not always where you think it’s going to be.

However, I’m here to tell you that this doesn’t mean your taste buds should be satisfied with anything less than perfection. As someone who has lived in this city for many years, I’ve discovered some great places that offer delicious meals at prices you can afford as a tourist (or just about anyone).

You’ll notice some of these restaurants are off the beaten path—but if your goal is to experience San Francisco as a local does, why not make an effort to find them? It’s worth it!

Why take a self-guided food tour?

Self-guided food tour has many advantages over a traditional guided walking tour: You can do it at your own pace. You can do it on your schedule. You can stop to take photos, eat what you want, and go to the places you want (and eat as much or as little as you want). You don’t need a group, just yourself and friends or family who would enjoy doing this exciting activity with you! You could even start this adventure at any time or day that suits your schedule.

You’ll see the city from new perspectives and learn about its history while enjoying delicious treats and snacks.

Basa seafood interior
Basa Seafood, Mission District

The Neighborhoods

  • The Mission Food Tour: A diverse neighborhood that’s home to some of the world’s best burritos, interesting history and a must for any street art lover for all the murals it entails.
  • Inner Richmond Food Tour: under-the-radar fantastic food and abundant multicultural restaurants. It’s often called the “New Chinatown”.
  • Chinatown: The heart of San Francisco’s Chinese community, this area offers authentic dim sum and affordable dining options.
  • North Beach: This Italian-influenced neighborhood is known for its lively nightlife scene as well as its rowdy bars where jazz musicians jam into the wee hours.
  • Japantown: This iconic neighborhood in San Francisco’s Fillmore District was once home to many Japanese immigrants who arrived in California on the transcontinental railroad after being forced out during WWII.
SF sloped street

Take our self-guided food tour and enjoy a culinary adventure in SF!

Our self-guided food tours explore the best of San Francisco’s neighborhoods. You can find amazing food throughout the city, with a chef guided audio tour that will show you the hidden gems that only locals know about. It’s easy to explore the city on your own and discover some of our favorite restaurants and markets. Enjoy more delicious meals while getting off the beaten path in neighborhoods like Inner Richmond, The Mission, Japantown, Chinatown, North Beach and more to come

tacos in the mission


San Francisco is a foodie’s paradise. One of the best ways to experience San Francisco is by doing a self-guided food tour.

San francisco food tour

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Mashav Shelef

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