August 19


Updating List of Takeout and Deliveries in San Francisco

By Mashav Shelef

No need to keep looking, we’ve curated this list of best takeout and deliveries in San Francisco, for times like these when we’re mostly stuck at home, longing for some restaurant food to give us a welcomed break from cooking.


We’ve been living in San Francisco for 6 years now, and as avid foodies (I’m a food professional and Omer is my fine dining expert so to speak), we usually love going out to eat at restaurants around the city. Even if it’s just a quick lunch in the neighborhood. The last 4 months have been less of that, obviously, due to the Covid-19 situation, we all stayed at home most of the time. The good thing that came out of it is that we eat so much more these days together as a family. I cook a lot more homemade food, a lot of comfort food, and simple and quick recipes. But we decided to put in our weekly meal-plan at least one takeout/delivery day in a week. It’s been fun exploring what the restaurants came up with to creatively keep the business running without the foot traffic.

Takeouts are hit-or-miss since being a good restaurant doesn’t guarantee it will also be a good takeout option. Food has to be packaged well, arrive in good condition and it all has to be a good value for the money for the customers. The first part of this article is our favorites value-for-money deliveries while the second part focuses on our local neighborhood, the Inner Richmond, and the Takeouts we’ve liked best and keep on returning to get more. I hope they all would keep up the good takeout quality after restaurants re-open.


In a time when we’re a lot more home and can’t get out that much, I like to mix up the cooking with some ordering-in. That way, I can get a break in cooking every day, and we get to try restaurants around the city. When we decide to order food instead of cooking, we’d like to get a decent value-for-money meal, well-packaged and well-traveled items. Also important is getting what we ordered without mistakes and getting attention to our comments, if any.

Did you try any of these and agree with us on our findings? We keep a bucket list of all the restaurants that we still want to try, so please drop a comment with your best delivery experiences, and we’ll add it to our list!

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Mashav Shelef

I’m a trained chef, a food writer, a culinary traveler, a food explorer and a mom. My mission in life is to inspire and motivate people by helping them experience life through food.

Mashav Shelef

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